Frequently Asked Quetions: Mumbai Escorts Agency

FAQ of Escorts in Mumbai

  • What is the donation to have a decent escort?

Donations vary per profile. rates are non-negotiable.

Call 09711772001 for information on discounted multiple hour rates.

  • Do you accept Credit Cards?

No, We do not accept any card only cash.

  • Why do not you have real pictures of models on your site?

As much as our models love being your companions they also have a personal life such as college, work, family, etc. Therefore, our models like to maintain discretion and value their privacy.This is beneficial to both parties if you are out in public with your date.

  • Why are your hourly donations higher than independent Escorts?

We are an ELITE agency that is very selective during our casting process. Our models are articulate, well spoken, educated and STUNNING . We pride ourselves on high class experience, not high volume.Our models only see a few select clients per month. Our Models backgrounds range from Fashion Models, Actresses, University students.

  • Why rates are high of our escorts compare to other agency?

Because, other agency or most of escorts service provider in Mumbai are offered fake services, they not send what they committed to client. They sends something else that would spoil your mood and night, in-short you got cheated exchange of bit low price than us.

  • Can you email or WhatsApp me the profiles photos?

Girls trust us with their personal photos and we valued that trust. We can not send photos wihout the profiles consent

  • All your girls are so sexy and hot! How can I choose just the right one?

All of our escorts are trained to handle a variety of situations. That being said, we can help you find the perfect girl for you based on what you like as well as your plans for the evening or day. We also do not limit you to only one escort. If you want to hire more than one escort at one time, contact us to work out the necessary details.

  • Is my information kept private?

Your privacy is our absolute #1 priority. We keep any info in the strictest of confidentiality and the utmost privacy to provide you with the comfort and discreetness that you deserve.

  • This is new to me, how does it work?

It is simple and easy. Our girls work for you or for a party because they are working in a more intimate environment.

  • Is this a safe thing to do?

There are two ways to look at safety. We want to keep our girls safe and we want you to be safe. We will not put our employees, that means our girls or any of our staff into harms way. If we feel that a situation is not safe, then we will not put them there or we will immediately remove them from the situation. We are always around and we let our girls know that if anything goes awry to contact the authorities.

  • How Far in advance do I have to schedule?

Same day appointment is highly appreciate. Advance to schedule appointments are excepted (if models are available at that time).

  • E-mails, messages, WhatsApps Inquires

We aim to respond to all reservation requests that has included all verification information with in 12 to 24 hours. We do answer our own email and all emails will get a response. However, if you have not received a response to your email it may be do to the following:

1. You did not send required information

2. Your email was rude, vulgar or too graphic.

3. Emails that are short for example "Need Service" or "I want to see photos!"

Will not get a response.

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